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The second album of Dutch pianist/composer Amos Osterhaus (1996) contains twelve new compositions at the intersection of classical music, pop and jazz. Generally, Osterhaus’ work has been associated with the music of Dustin O'Halloran, Yann Tiersen, Aphex Twin and Michael Nyman. As with his first album, “In Casale M,” (2010) Osterhaus worked closely on “Ornamenti” with the Italian musician, musicologist and music producer Francesco Landucci. On three tracks Amos plays solo piano; on the other songs he is assisted by, among others, the acclaimed cellist Eilidh Martin, the award-winning jazz percussionist Matteo Scarpettini and the jazz drummer Mario Manetti. The final finish is given by Peter Doell of Universal Mastering Studios, Los Angeles, CA.


De winkel van ons allemaal.


1. Lyra (3:53) - piano, Etruscan harp, guitar

2. Wiles of Spring (2:35) - piano, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, drums

3. Bioluminescence (2:04) - piano

4. Westerpark Centraal (3:03) - piano, drums

5. De Haan (4:06) - piano, 1st cello, 2nd cello, percussion

6. Luglio (3:27) - piano

7. Royal Bouquet (5:52) - piano, percussion, guitar, bass guitar

8. Partial Recall (1:44) - piano

9. Ed's Super Constellation (4:09) - piano, cello, harmonica, percussion

10. Velluto (4:02) - piano, percussion

11. Ornamenti (5:29) - piano, percussion

12. Operatie Seneca (7:51) - piano, percussion, bass guitar



Genre: modern composition

release: November 27, 2015


All compositions and

arrangements are

by Amos Osterhaus.


Total length 48:22


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